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In a fairly typical setup with a TV, Xbox 360® and Cable box, there is only one device that controls the sound. It would be difficult to switch devices between Cable and TV every time you want to change the volume. By default, X-Link™ is set so that regardless of what device you are using, when you change the volume, it is sent to the TV. This is called “punch through.”

When you press any key on X-Link™, the device button will light to show what device is receiving that command. For example, when you are watching a DVD and hit Pause, the DVD button will light. When you hit Mute, the TV button will light.

Select your configuration:

  Default: The TV is your main sound source. When you press volume up, down or mute, your TV will change volume.  
  Surround Sound: The Surround Sound System is your main sound source. When you press volume up, down or mute, your surround sound system will change volume.  
  Turn Off: Turn Punch Through off for a device. Devices without volume commands will do nothing when these buttons are pressed.  
  Turn On: Turn Punch Through back on for a device. This is only needed if punch through had previously been turned off.  

If surround sound is not working correctly, visit the Punch Through Repair Wizard. There is also a YouTube Video showing some advanced punch through concepts.

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