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"Learning" from other remote controls


X-Link™ has the ability to learn commands from other remote controls. Any key other than the device keys can learn new functions. If the device has been set up using a four-digit device code, learned keys will replace the learned functions.

Please follow the steps below to learn commands from other remotes:


Step 1:

Line up X-Link™ with the remoe you want to learn from, head to head about one to two inches apart on a solid surface.

  Step 2: Enter setup mode by holding the device button down for approximately 3 seconds. After 3 seconds all of the device buttons will blink to confirm that you are in setup mode.  
  Step 3: Press Rec button to enter learning mode.  

You have 20 seconds to perform each of these steps. If you do not finish in 20 seconds, the device button light will turn off and setup mode will be exited. The learned keys will be retained, but to learn additional keys, you will need to re-enter learning mode.

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